safe house

Safe house

The safe house

Guarantor for sustainability

Together with Romantik Hotels and restaurants the association be your own hero e.V.  is spin doctor and guarantor for the sustainability of the project SAFE HOUSE. It administrates and coordinates donations before they – after assessment of the single living-project and by collective decision of the partners – can be granted. The threads come together in Wolfsburg and are woven into a solid, successfull and transparent ribbon.

Be your own hereo e.V.
Because our future needs heroes!

In 2006 we founded the non-profitable association be your own hero e.V. for children and young people all over the world, who are infected with  HIV/AIDS. Here be your own hereo   is not just the message but also the ambition. With local and global campaigns we dreaw attention to HIV/AIDS, offer help with projects and support ideas locally. Thus we offer young people all over the world to become their own hero.

We need you.....
… as member... as helper
...because our future needs heroes

donation account be your own hero e.V.

SPENDENKONTO be your own hero e.V.
Sparkasse Saarbrücken | BLZ: 590 501 01 | Konto Nr. 61 61 61 61 8

or directly at our Romantik Hotel Neuhaus, every donation counts.... together with safe house we support this initivative... with just 1€ you can save a life.