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Neuhaus Spa for body and soul
in perfect harmony

opening hours:
daily from 9:00 hours until 20:00 hours
only available per appointment

Cleanse yourself and your body and experience a world of tranquility and comfort. We will harmonize body, spirit and soul.

Our Spa manager – Mrs. Denise Brachmann – and her wellness team will always be available for any personal questions and booking arrangements.

You can simply download our current spa-arrangements or spa offers and consolidate your individual treatment. Neuhaus spa has managed to find body care products which meet our high expectations and are an optimal addition to our spa offers. Natural ingredients and production with highest quality standards make these products are like balm for your body. Allow your skin and soul to regain strength. We will pamper you with peeling, packs and hot stone massages from head to toe using exclusive products from Barbor and Pharmos. Wellness and beauty for the whole body or partially, just as you desire it. Beauty and health are true precious commodities and are to be tended to. With care products chosen just for you and your individual personal needs you will experience a new sensation for skin and living. Give your body what it deserves, the best care and highest value products.


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